we asked, and our instagrammers have listened and responded. we had a great response today for our #trendstrendytuesday. didn’t see your picture? that means you have a set your photos to private and we weren’t able to see it. here are some of the pictures we took from our instagram hashtag page. see you next… Read More
i am not ashamed to admit that when i enter a store, i typically put my blinders on until i reach the clearance rack – who doesn’t like a good deal?! i am the same way in our store – i love seeing what doesn’t sell well, rescuing the misfit, & turning it into something… Read More
we get a lot of people who come in ask us for advice on how to decorate a wall or a room in their house. our first response is usually, what look are you going for? our second response is then, how far are you willing to go outside the box? if you’re looking to… Read More
aztec is huge this year. one way to wear it, is on your feet! these are super comfy moccasins as well as stylish. with winter still poking it’s head around the corner, and these on sale over HERE — what’s stopping you from getting your own pair? get on instagram and show us your #trendstrendytuesday… Read More
ever think that something is cute, but you could never figure out how to wear it?  ever wonder how people make things look so stylish, when they look so different just hanging on the hanger? chambray seems to be one of “those.”  this trend has so much unseen potential!  we have witnessed many customers ponder… Read More