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I drink coffee everyday. Only one cup, but every single day. I have a small obsession with the mugs I drink out of. When we first got these mugs in the store, I had to order more because I had already taken the first batch home. There’s something about drinking your coffee in a pretty mug, that makes your morning go a little better. I’m not a morning person AT ALL, so I need every little pick me up I can get. Stop into the store, or get one here or here, and have a pretty morning next time you drink your coffee <3


My daughter’s idea of photo bombing my picture.



Have you ever heard of the Wreck This Journal, by Keri Smith? Well, now you have! As you saw in my ‘about me,’ I’m addicted to my agenda, & journaling is no different. From diaries with tiny gold locks & password journals, to composition notebooks & excessive post-its – writing & drawing has been my thing, since I was little. Naturally, I was thrilled to be getting the Wreck This Journal in, at the store! I absolutely had to have one, but let’s face it – we often have other things going on & I’ve often neglected it, but the beauty of this one, is just that — you can! With its intriguing & quirky prompts, this journal is not meant to be dated, done day-by-day, or even page-by-page – just pick it up whenever you have time, or are feeling the need for a little exercise in expression. Plus, you get to destroy it in your own creative way – how could this not be fun?! Whether doing it on your own, or making it a family activity, I would most definitely suggest picking one up right over here!





Have a great weekend!

Love, Us.


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