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If you haven’t read any of these blogs, you need to. We have compiled a list of a few of our favorite bloggers, who blog about all sorts of different things. Read all the way to the bottom to see something super cool! Note: these are in no particular order.



We are a little partial to Merrick at Trend, because we’ve worked with her quite a few times. She’s adorable, stylish, and I want to live in her closet. She’s known for her DIY outfit tutorials. If you want to know how to make something you can wear, she’s your girl. Did I mention that I want to live in her closet? Oh, yea.


one great blogroll | going home to roost

Bonnie is the person behind this amazing blog. She has the most amazing home, recipes and free printables. You can sign up for her Roost Tribe and get all sorts of great patterns, graphics, recipes, AND a bag of chips. Well, not a bag of chips. But if you did, they’d be vegan — because she makes “vegan” look amazingly delicious.

one great blogroll | creature comforts

First of all, I LOVE the design on the blog. At some point, I’m actually going to try every single DIY on her blog. They’re so “I wish I had thought of that” type thing. Plus, her name is Ez. How cool is that name? Her columns are so great, her content is great. What are you waiting for? Head over!


one great blogroll | love and lemons

This blog is going to make you want to eat everything she takes a picture of. The pictures, the recipes, oh my. I totally want to be Jeanine and Jack’s child. Please adopt me. If you’re in a bind on what to cook for the week — this is your happy place.


one great blogroll | kendi everyday

I’ve followed Kendi for years. She was probably the first blog I ever read. I have loved seeing her evolve into what she has done. She is a shop owner and a blogger. (And I wonder why I’m so drawn to her.) From her outfits, to her posts — she’s definitely a blogger’s role model.


one great blogroll | the wondone great blogroll | where my heart resideser forest

I first found this blog through an article about stalking Rachel McAdams. I clicked through to read the article on her blog and literally LOL’d. I probably even ROFLOL’d. That doesn’t even make sense. Anyway, Ashlee is one of those people who makes your belly hurt from laughing. I enjoy reading her posts, and it doesn’t hurt that her family is so adorable to look at either.


one great blogroll | the wonder forest

If you have a blog, you have got to check Dana out. She’s not only a pretty face, great makeup, and adorable hair! She’s also an amazing web + graphic designer who writes books, creates apps, and has a you tube channel. Her photos and her post honesty are something to really draw you to her blog. She’s just all around ‘cool.’


one great blogroll | one little momma

First of all, I am obsessed with Kilee’s hair. I need it. It’s going to be my inspiration to grow my hair out! Kilee has an adorable family and great outfits. She also makes the most adorable earrings over at Nickel and Suede. How stinkin’ cute — her last name is Nickels :) Get it? Her husband and her also make a cute belt line called ‘One Little Belt.’ You need to check her out!

This week, we will be bringing you something pretty freaking awesome from some of these bloggers you see here. We have teamed up with a handful of them — they may or may not have picked out some buys for our shop! Stay tuned.

Love, Megan.

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