mother’s day gift guide | part 2


DISCLAIMER: We are going to tease our moms just a little before Mother’s Day comes around.  Don’t worry – it’s all in good fun!  Plus, you’re getting a really awesome gift guide along with it! If you missed part 1, check it out here!

I think of myself as a creative person. I had to get it from somewhere. My mom can get reaaalll creative when she wants to be. Like the way she dubbed the name “pulling a Ginny.” She tends to get laughing pretty hard, and pees her pants.

Don’t act like it’s never happened to you.

I have some friends (whose names will be removed to protect the innocent), that quite often “pull a Ginny.”

She’s been known to make up her own lyrics to songs, based on what she thinks it should say. She also has a creative way of thinking that songs like “Move Bitch” by Ludacris, would sound amazing played acoustically.

Great ear, Mom.

But in all honesty, I get my creativeness from her. We may not have the same taste, but she can display the hell out of a house.

She’s the only person who understands my constant need to rearrange my house and I understand her need to call me sobbing because she just can’t figure out how to redecorate her bathroom. I get it. And so does she.

Or maybe that’s what we have to tell ourselves so we don’t have to be medicated.

So, in honor of the creative moms out there, we have a gift guide for you.

mother's day gift guide | part 1
1 | Gold Ampersand
2 | Pencil Set (in store)
3 | Idea Journal (in store)
4 | Go Your Own Way Sign
5 | Demi Boxed Glass Candle

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  • Elizabeth Anne Hurley

    Pulled a Ginny…When I read this. I want one of every single item in the picture. Well only one pencil set & one notebook. Not kidding. I need some desk flair, and I am a mother, and I am buying these items for myself for mothers day. BOOM.

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