mother’s day gift guide | part 1


DISCLAIMER: We are going to tease our moms just a little before Mother’s Day comes around.  Don’t worry – it’s all in good fun!  Plus, you’re getting a really awesome gift guide along with it!

Is your mom the culinary queen in the family?  If she is, she’d probably love all of this stuff!  My mom would love it.  She just isn’t what one might call a “queen” in the kitchen.  She’s more like a magician in the kitchen.  I once saw her turn a frozen pizza into a hockey puck.  She can also make people disappear —  I was once put in the hospital for five days after eating my mom’s cooking.  In her defense, my gallbladder decided to retire early, so her mashed potatoes and gravy weren’t single-handedly responsible, but it’s still fun to say!  But really, my mom is quite awesome.  She makes a killer bowl of cereal and that’s just the way we like her!  Plus, she has completely adapted her eating habits to accommodate my temperamental gallbladder and is willing to try anything that I whip up (which can be scary since I may have inherited her cooking skills), so that’s pretty fab in my book.

So, for all of you in search of a perfect Mother’s Day gift, here’s a gift guide in honor of those culinary queen kind of moms out there!

Love, Heather.

mother's day gift guide | part 1

1 | Wooden Cookbook Holder
2 | Small Latte Bowls
3 | Linen Apron
4 | Stoneware Mixing Bowls (in store only)
5 | Large Latte Bowls

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