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Here’s the second of your August Monthly Freebies! You can print these out, send them to someone or just play around with them. *If you use them on your blog or website, we ask that you [please] reference it back to us.*

Name some of the most annoying spots in your kitchen. Ready, set, go! Tupperware cupboard, junk drawer, spice cabinet maybe? Well, ta-da! We’re here to save the day, with these sweet little spice jar labels, that Megan made! Stay tuned for a snazzy little blog post about how she dolled up her own spice cabinet, using them!


We recommend printing on full sheet labels and use a 1.5 round cutter to cut them out. It will save you TONS of time by not having to line everything up just perfect. Print here, and enjoy!

Love, Us.

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