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Here’s the second of your January Monthly Freebies! You can print these out, send them to someone or just play around with them. *If you use them on your blog or website, we ask that you [please] reference it back to us.*

Lately, I have been finding myself obsessing over remodeling our kitchen. When our house was built, it was a serving kitchen — which means it’s tiny. I love to cook, and both of my girls like to *help.

*By help, I mean — get everything everywhere, drag stools in and out, and pull every out single piece of silverware we own onto the counter.

We also have some other kitchen issues that we will need to patch. So, my thoughts are — why patch, when you can redo! This has started my purging phase. I have decided that we are no longer going to keep things we do not use. We are no longer going to have ‘catch-alls’ in the house. We are no longer going to keep clothes for 10 years that do not fit us.

I am woman, hear me roar. (Husband, if you’re reading this — this is no joke. I am on it.)

So, in honor of my house purging, here is an organization printable to get you started as well!

monthly freebie | project organization

To print, click here. Happy organizing!

Love, Megan.

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