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DISCLAIMER: I am absolutely not a doctor.  I hold no professional knowledge in the area of nutrition, exercise, or any combination of the two.  It’s just me, talking about my experience and my favorite juice. 

No, my favorite juice is not wine.  Now, moving on.  How many of you wish you could just sit on the couch, eating Sweet Chili Doritos, binging on Netflix, and still maintaining your “girlish figure?”  I do.  I also can’t.  It just doesn’t work for me.  Weird, right?

Quick story: I no longer have a functioning gallbladder (it hates me and doesn’t allow for things like fries and ice cream) which truly makes life a little more boring.  Thanks a lot, mom.  Her home-cooked meal landed me in the hospital for 5 days, leaving with nothing but the vague diagnosis of “diseased gallbladder.”I will never let her live it down.  Fast forward.

I had to start eating much healthier, and I really don’t mind, but let’s be real, sometimes eating an entire pizza seems like a lot more fun.  However, I’m typically pretty “well-behaved.”  For example, Casey opened the refrigerator to kimchi the other day and almost died, but he lived, so that proves my point — healthy won’t kill you.

I’m sure you’ve heard of juicing.  I used to HATE juicing, as well as the low blood sugar headaches and dark circles under my eyes that seemed to come along with it.  However, I was still really interested, so I researched a lot, which led me to my routine now.  I like to juice for just 3 days as a way to reboot and refocus.   I’ve learned new things each time I’ve juiced, so I’ll share a few of those things:

one // You’re not going to juice for 3 days and be a super model for the next 3 years, so be realistic.

two // Do not exercise like you do when you eat a cheeseburger for lunch, dumb dumb.

three // Do eat, if you need to!  Only juice, for 3 days, does not work for me.  I do a smoothie or a fruit and veggies only salad before bed.  Do what works for your body.  Don’t ever follow a diet just because Pinterest said to.

four // Keep going!  Drink a juice a day, every day, after you’re done.

My favorite is Beet-Pineapple-Carrot-Ginger Juice.  Original, eh?  It’s phenomenal and you shouldn’t knock it till you try it.

beets (2 bunches)
pineapple (a whole fresh one)
carrots (15-20ish)
ginger (a few inches — of the root — not the stuff in the spice aisle)

Juice it all.  The end.

just beet it | the juice diaries

Now wish me luck, as I work to reboot, refocus, and get back on track after this upcoming Labor Day weekend, and good luck to you brave souls willing to try a little juice!

Love, Heather.

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