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Since a couple of months ago, I became obsessed with the Instagram of a one, Anissa Zajac. She posts pictures of her house on a daily basis, and I now feel that I live there. Or maybe I just want to. She posted a certain picture one day of a bare room. She calls it ‘letting the room breathe’ — and I think it’s genius!

How does one let a room breathe? Read about it here. Ever since I read that, I have been in a ‘purging’ stage at my house. The husband and kids have actually loved it. (It’s the perfect time for the husband to get rid of all of those ’10 for $10′ items he became the victim of at the grocery store.)

So, I bought a book — One Year to an Organized Life. Although I feel I’m a pretty organized person, I do need some help getting rid of some crap. I’ll be honest, I keep tons of stuff I don’t need. We have a drawer in our house for cords. We have no idea what they go to or if we even have the electronic they go to, but in 14.5 years when we find it — we’ll have it! Not anymore. It’s getting chucked.

(And then I’ll have to buy another one when I actually find what it was for.)

Anyway, I digress. I’m going to post my weekly/monthly progress and some helpful hints along the way, if you don’t want to buy the book. I can only hope that it will help you do the same! And you can follow my own progress on my personal Instagram if you like :)

Home Purging

Happy Purging!

Love, Megan

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