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For those of you that don’t know me – I’m Taylor. I just recently took over Trend and I’m loving every second. I’m 22, just graduated and not so long ago experienced some crazy, unexpected changes in my life. Did I see this happening? No. Owning a boutique was more of an end-goal for me. Not something I pictured doing so early in my life. All I can say to that is that people do big things when their world is turned upside down.

With that said, Trend has been what I’ve thrown all my energy into for the past 4 months. There are plenty of positives that come along with owning a boutique – not sitting behind a desk, being my own boss, having a creative outlet, etc. With every positive there is a negative (like paying my own bills), however. I’m 22! I’m still young and still learning how to handle myself, let alone figuring out how to run a business. But hey, here I am.

Here’s what I’ve learned.. so far!

ONE | The small town life isn’t so bad, after all.

I have been supported in ways I never saw coming, from people I hardly even know. There is something to be said for how Wellsville business owners “pass the torch.” Had we been in a big city, I’m sure this wouldn’t have been the same experience. No one around our area sells the business they worked hard to build and just walks away as soon as the sale is closed. Megan has been with me every step of the way. She wanted me to feel comfortable and succeed. I can’t put into words what that has meant to me.

TWO | I’m right where I should be. 

Megan and I are living in a strange (but awesome) parallel existence. When she started the store, we were about the same age and she had just had her world shaken in the same way as I did mine. The store became her therapy, as it mine now. She now has it all together, a beautiful family and two crazy successful businesses. Let’s hope I get there, too. We stumbled across this coincidence in one of the many conversations (not about work) we’ve had in the time we’ve been working together. She was right that the store would bring enough happiness and responsibility to get me through. It’s cool how things work out, huh?

THREE | Finding something you love to do is important.

I am not a morning person. At all. I’m still annoyed every time my alarm goes off to start getting ready. But, that’s the last part of my day that sucks. When I get to the store, my day flies. I hardly even recognize the time. I enjoy talking to the customers, using my marketing degree and taking care of what I’ve worked so hard to build. The “work” for Trend is creative and done on my time. Working for myself is rewarding. Having someone compliment how nice Trend looks is rewarding. It’s all rewarding – because I did it by and for myself. And hey, I’m growing up a little along the way.

My response to anyone when they ask what I think so far – “it’s so fun!” Yeah this is my job now, but it doesn’t feel that way.

I’m not one to normally say much about myself (especially publicly) but change is good, right?

Love, Taylor.



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  • Jodi

    Nicely said Tay. You got this! The changes have been positive for sure. Love ya!

  • Susan DiBiase

    So happy for you and I couldn’t agree with you more: doing by and for oneself is the most therapeutic response to upheaval. I love the things I purchased from you, and I will be in again, soon!

  • Virginia Hart

    Well said Taylor. I wish you much success in your new journey.

  • Taylor – how exciting! I’m thrilled to see Trend stay open and have someone so enthusiastic behind it all! Loving what you do is always key. Trend did a lot for me – Megan was so helpful in teaching me everything about the store, I became more outgoing, my confidence grew, and I met so many wonderful people, and became interested, invested, and involved in our community! It’s a great place and I know you will do great things. Congratulations and keep up your amazing work. You’ve got this!

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