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Sharp Objects.  Gillian Flynn.  Have you read it yet?  If not, you should.  Unless you have a weak stomach, maybe.  This story is full of psychological turmoil that will make you think twice about what you’ve just read and sometimes think twice about continuing on.  I’ve read Gillian Flynn’s other novels, Gone Girl and Dark Places.  Both of which I also loved.  Trust me when I say, Gone Girl is TAME compared to the other two.  Sharp Objects is definitely less gory than Dark Places, but is oddly far more graphic.  I often found myself wondering if such detail was necessary to tell the story, and while I may not have missed those tidbits of information if they weren’t there, I think a second read-through without the weird graphic imagery would leave me a little disappointed.  Gillian Flynn really breathes life into these characters, even if these characters are a little a lot screwed up.

heather reads | sharp objects

Maybe I should tell you a little about it, eh?  This story is about Camille Preaker, a reporter still reeling from her stay at a psychiatric hospital.  She has successfully avoided her family and hometown for years, and now she’s thrown back into the twisted mix of “home” to cover the murders of two young girls.  What happens from there is yours to find out!

I’ve heard from some that they think the story seems to drag out too long, is too slow-paced for how short it is, and ends too abruptly.  Nit-picky, I say.  I think depending on your personality, you could view these things as good or bad.  I saw them as a total positive.  I was absolutely thinking “how predictable” for most of the story (and not in a disappointed way, there was way too much to be thinking about to be disappointed), but the end knocked me off balance for sure.  Plus, aren’t all good stories supposed to leave you with a little room to use your imagination?  I think, yes.  So, if you’re looking for your next read, maybe Sharp Objects should be it.  Check it out — literally, use your local library, or borrow it from a friend like I did.  Just be nice to it.  Those creases and cracks in the cover are from my first few days with it, it now looks like I need to buy my friend a new one.  Yikes!  Oh, and I started this book on the beach, hence the dress and flip flops.  Oh how I wish I were there now.  Happy reading, friends.

Love, Heather.

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