healthy eats | warm the f*ck up minestrone


Disclaimer // I am not a professional cook, chef, or even very handy with a knife.  We keep gauze pads, an array of fun band-aids, butterflies, and Neosporin, on hand, at all times.  I am however a person who occasionally likes to pretend I know how to cook.  I love trying new things.  Typically new healthy things, so that’s what I’m here to do.  While I typically Instagram lovely, amateur pictures of my recipe successes, I am completely okay with admitting defeat.  My recipe blogs will definitely be truth telling experiences, from my kitchen to your screen of choice.

healthy eats | warm the f*ck up minestrone

I’m kicking this little mini series off with one of my FAVORITE recipes from Thug Kitchen.  Let’s state the title right off the bat (in case you somehow missed the title of the blog post) — “Warm the F*ck Up Minestrone.”  Now that you’re over the shock, I’ve made this recipe a dozen times and it never gets old.  As for actually preparing this recipe, it is “souper” easy.  See what I did there?  Shoutout to my momma, with that mom joke.  Anyway, if you’ve not yet checked out this cookbook, you should.  Recipes used to annoy me immensely.  Sometimes I’d find I didn’t know what half the ingredients were, where to find them, or basics like what to substitute for them.  This cookbook lays it all out.  It tells you like it is.  And if you’re offended easily, maybe the foul language isn’t for you, but that might be YOUR loss.  Moving on…

I will tell you that I typically chop and dice everything, and get all of my ingredients measured out before I even start cooking.  This is for a couple of reasons; (1) I have a hard time multitasking in the kitchen (unless cooking and drinking wine at the same time counts), and (2) I like to LOOK like I know what I’m doing.  Therefore, it takes me about 50 minutes from start to finish.  After it cools, I separate it into 8oz freezer-safe mason jars and freeze it!  This serves as my lunch for probably two weeks or better!  Take THAT, canned saltwater soup!  This is filled with yummy, FRESH veggies — what could be better?  I will admit, I make about three different soups in one day and freeze them all; then I don’t have to eat the exact same thing day after day.  I’m not a total lunch robot.

a few things I find helpful —

  • This recipe calls for a bay leaf.  I bought them fresh and froze them and they still work like a charm!
  • I couldn’t find black lentils in my grocery store the first time I made it, so just regular old lentils worked fine for me.  That and I’m still using the same bag that I started with.
  • Oftentimes, I am on a “no bread or pasta” kick and leave the pasta out — no biggie — so if you don’t have it on hand, don’t worry.  Unless you’re like the boyfriend, who needs more than just veggies.  I don’t.
  • It says it makes enough for 4 to 6.  I suppose it makes enough for 4 to 6 dog bowls.  This is no baby size pot of soup.
  • By the way, if you don’t write in your cookbooks, you should.  I make notes and more notes and check things off and erase and rewrite — it’s my cookbook, so why not?

I really think you should just buy the cookbook over here, so you can really get a taste for their “eat good shit” attitude, but if you just can’t, you can check out the recipe over here.  Oh, and those cute measuring cups up there in my picture, you can snag them over here.  Happy cooking, feeding, and eating healthy, lovelies!  

Love, Heather.

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