healthy eats | sourdough french toast


Disclaimer // I am not a professional cook, chef, or even very handy with a knife.  We keep gauze pads, an array of fun band-aids, butterflies, and Neosporin, on hand, at all times.  I am however a person who occasionally likes to pretend I know how to cook.  I love trying new things.  Typically new healthy things, so that’s what I’m here to do.  While I typically Instagram lovely, amateur pictures of my recipe successes, I am completely okay with admitting defeat.  My recipe blogs will definitely be truth telling experiences, from my kitchen to your screen of choice.

healthy eats | sourdough french toast

Now, if your question is, “how healthy can french toast really be?”  I’m right there with you.  I follow a mostly fruits & veggies diet, so bread really lands on the unhealthier side for me.  BUT if you are going to eat french toast, this is really how I think everyone should do it.  I made this for Casey one morning and his exact words were, “how do you even make french toast without eggs?”  Why, with Thug Kitchen, of course.  Then I whipped up another batch for our family’s Easter brunch and everyone had the same question.  Guess what — they all LOVED it!  Unless they’re lying, and then I’d be crushed.  But really.  Something about the sourdough with the sweet, sweet syrup makes this the most amazing form of breakfast.  EVER.  From fresh, organic sourdough bread, to ground flaxseed, nutritional yeast, fresh berries, and pure New York maple syrup, this recipe has got it all.

a few things I find helpful –

  • The recipe calls for a 1/2 loaf of sourdough bread.  6 slices.  This was enough for 2 of us.  Once you start, you can’t stop.  Honestly.
  • Do not get lost looking for nutritional yeast.  I spent FOREVER looking.  I wandered the same aisle multiple times.  And as much as I love my Wegmans app, sometimes “Nature’s Marketplace” is just not specific enough.  Suck it up and ask someone.  That way you can get home and get cooking.
  • By the way, if you don’t write in your cookbooks, you should.  I make notes and more notes and check things off and erase and rewrite — it’s my cookbook, so why not?

We have reached the end of Thug Kitchen blog post number 2, and I still think you should just buy the cookbook over here, so you can really get a taste for their “eat good shit” attitude.  If you still need convincing, maybe just pick a different TK recipe from here to prove to yourself how phenomenal they really are.  And of course, berry baskets available here, and measuring cups right this way.  Happy cooking, feeding, and eating healthy, lovelies!

Love, Heather.

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