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My husband and I are obsessed with quinoa. I’m not a meat eater, so it’s a great substitute for me. When I first heard about tabbouleh, I was pretty much thinking the same thing you are.

“What the heck is that?!”

Add in quinoa, and it sounds like it should be a disease. It turns out that tabbouleh is just a pretty way to say… a salad. A salad with onion, mint and tomatoes. Although I love mint, I didn’t add it into this recipe. Try it out and see how it tastes. If you do, add to the comments any changes you did to make it better for you. Is there a recipe you would like to see on our blog? Let us know! We can do our best to try it out.

For the printable recipe, click here.

Quinoa Tabbouleh

Love, Megan.

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