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When I think of UGG boots, I think of Paris and Nicole, as in early 2000’s Paris and Nicole. I loved them with their sexy/sloppy appeal, but then a few years later I woke up and realized they were mainly just sloppy. I think that Paris and Nicole realized that too, because they seem to be doing well these days. But any-who,  I decided to give up UGG boots vowing to never purchase a new pair. After all what kind of self-respecting woman of style would be caught dead wearing them? Not I.

And then winter came around. I don’t dress up everyday. I stay in yoga pants and a sweatshirt during most of my weekends and weeknights. What will would I slip on to run and get milk? I began to panic. So I went online to started looking around. I found these darling ankle Sorel booties and thought, there they are! And then I read the reviews — aside from the amazing Olive color people said they were cute but uncomfortable. It didn’t make sense to have a party up top and business on the feet. If I am dressed comfortably I don’t want my feet to suffer, plus how could I possibly wear a short bootie? I live in a winter wonderland for most of the year. I can not afford the idea of snow sneaking its way in to the top of my boots and freezing my poor little toes that are supposed to be warm and cozy like the rest of my comfortable ensemble.

A few days went by and I was looking for a new bra online and remembered that Victoria’s Secret has shoes. So I browsed on over to the shoe section and found out to my shock they no longer have heels! After the shock wore off I saw the ever reliable UGG’s staring me in the face. NO! I shall not succumb to these basic ways! My feet that have become so accustomed to a simple chic shoe, how could I betray them? And then I remembered that I am not always simple and chic, in fact I am more often I am dressed like a homeless person. So really who is the enemy here? Me or the UGG’s? I mean, who am I to call them basic and sloppy when I am with out makeup and in comfy clothes more often than not? Plus, how could I ever forget the warm fuzzy embrace of those suede boots? They had never done me wrong. Am I being a snob?

The answer was yes — yes I am being a snob. UGG boots are practical for my mom life/half-year winter life. When I need to run out and grad a pizza or milk they are easy to slip on and protect me from the snow. They keep me warm and dry. THEY ARE COMFORTABLE! Do I stand by the fact that they are inappropriate for most other occasions? Yes. I do NOT plan on wearing them out for dinner or drinks or even on a shopping trip. However, the next time I am tired from working and have to run out to take Lola to dance, might I be sporting a UGG’s and V.S. yoga’s and sweatshirt? Yes, yes I will in all their basic glory.

And heck, ya never know, I might just stop and grab a coffee to really up my game. ;)

guest blogger | ugg boots, a love hate relationshipguest blogger | ugg boots, a love hate relationshipguest blogger | ugg boots, a love hate relationship


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