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So it’s been a minute. A few things, last month I promised a second blog to announce the winner of my giveaway – unfortunately, there were no entries. So, no giveaway…this time. Secondly, I mentioned celebrating American Heart Month and wanted to share another freebie at home workout, which is coming!

I have realized that since my last blog, I have been completely unfocused in a lot of ways; the direction in which I am taking my career, how I run my household (or lack thereof), my own health and fitness goals, how I am growing relationships and the list could go on and on. Now, I have openly admitted that as much as I want to be Superwoman (i.e. have it all together, find “balance”, be all things to all people who need/want them) it’s pretty unrealistic and I needed to have it kind of shoved in my face to see that it’s time to refocus. And I encourage you all to take a quick evaluation of your situation if you’re feeling the same way.

I know that to be my best I need to make the following priorities everyday:

  • I need to have some quality time with my family – an outdoor play session, books before bed, dinner AT THE TABLE TOGETHER.
  • I need to keep my lists of work to-do’s clear and concise and within reason. No more lists with 55 things to do in an 8-hour work day.
  • I need to keep my body moving! I’m on a great streak right now and the benefits are far more than gains in strength, it keeps my mind clear. I’m never as clear as I am when I’ve got those endorphin’s pulsing through my body.
  • You’ve heard me say a thousand times that I won’t live a life of restriction when it comes to food. And I won’t. But, when I am not as focused on my health the shift in my food choices is apparent. My flexible dieting approach to eating becomes “how much junk can I possibly fit into my day and still hit my macros?”. I will get back to the 80/20 mindset – I perform best when I am fueling my body with good foods (80% of the time), while still enjoying things that I don’t want to live without (20% of my intake)!
  • Here’s the biggie — I will stop giving time to things that don’t make me stronger. Excuses, relationships that are detrimental to my physical or emotional well-being, and that white noise that clouds my head when I’m doubting everything and anything.

Here’s where the new giveaway comes in, I would really love to know how you all stay focused. I’m open to any and all tips/tricks that you’ve found to work. Please leave them in the comments here on the blog (not on the Facebook post) and that will be one way to get entered into the drawing.

The second way to be entered is to leave your favorite way to incorporate fitness into your day. Do you CIZE with Erica A. at the Y? Are you a runner? Lifter? I have always said that there’s no one size fits all to fitness. My own personal fitness style has evolved since I got involved after my first kiddo was born. I may have a small case of adult ADHD, so I have to keep it fresh or I won’t do it. Same thing here, share in the blog comments for another chance to win!

Here’s what I’ve been doing lately when I’m short on time, the harder you push the more benefit there is!


You will perform 7 rounds, with as little rest as possible:

  •  7 push-ups (modify to your knees if you want!)
  • 7 squats
  • 7 sit-ups
  • 7 burpees
  • 7 alternating lunges
  • 7 Russian twists
  • 7 seated tricep dips

Last way to get entered into the drawing, if you try Lucky 7’s comment on the blog post with your time and what you thought.

Love, Erica.


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  • victoria

    Loved this one! I am feeling the exact same way! Slowly working on taking better care of my body, going to the Dr. appt’s I have been putting off and just trying to get rid of any trash in my life. The thing that helps me focus is a clean house! And when I don’t have the time to clean the whole thing I like at least the dishes to be done. I find that then and only then can I focus and enjoy my time in my home. <3

    • erica

      Love this! I might not be able to keep my whole house clean from top to bottom, but an empty sink makes my heart happy. Glad you’re taking care of yourself, Tori!

  • Deb Payne

    My dear niece, you know I am a 58 -year -old woman who will never be a skinny person. Strength and agility are more important to me than looks. It makes me feel so good to be able to do push-ups and a plank, because I hope to age with fewer aches and pains than others my age. I love to walk, and have discovered that when I miss exercise for more than a day, I am sluggish and depressed. I so admire you for your dedication to a healthy life at your young age.

    • erica

      Sending you big love all the way out in MI!! I think everyday that we take care of our bodies is another day we make an investment in ourselves and we are SO worth it!!

  • Ashley

    I’m with Tori, I function best with a clean house! I feel like I can’t focus on anything else or sit and relax if there is housework to be done. Once it’s finished though my mind is clear and available to concentrate on other activities!

    I’m having a hard time getting motivated on the fitness front for myself. I would really like to get back into jogging…but I keep putting it off. However, the weenies put on a little extra padding this winter and I have been walking them every day that it isn’t too wet or super cold. So I guess my concern with their fitness is keeping us all active! :)

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