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So, this is not the topic that I had originally picked to blog about (we’ll get back to protein recipes later) – but with all of the back to school chaos in my life (and surely in some of yours) I felt it was appropriate.  I love my children.  I love being able to do fun things with them.  They make me laugh like crazy, every single day.  BUT, for about the last three or four weeks, I have really been counting down the days to getting back into our school routine.

Now, for those of you who know me personally, don’t mistake this blog for me trying to portray myself as something I am not.  I am the first to admit the following:

  1. I am usually late. Not crazy late, just a few minutes hoping you won’t notice kind of late.
  2. As much as I adore my planners and calendars, I’m sort of all over the place in life.  
  3. Not a surprise following the first two, but I seem to be somewhat of a procrastinator.  Not because I’m uninterested in things (most of the time) but because I feel focus comes best when I know I’m under the gun, so to speak.
  4. I would be embarrassed if someone stopped at my house right now. I mean, I managed to scrub my toilets this morning, and we’re not living in an episode of hoarders, but that’s about it. I don’t love housework — I have a beautiful home that usually takes the backseat to whatever else is going on.

All that being said, I still crave routine. This week was my oldest son’s first week back to school and day one was a semi-success!  I decided that I would try to get back on the wagon with everything.  I had his backpack and lunch 95% ready the night before. Tuesday morning, I showered, dressed, made beds.  School and sitter drop offs were right on time (for me, not the real drop off of 7:30).  Then, I worked all day.  I mean, I worked every job that I have – work-work, Arrow and Plexus.  I was SO productive!  Then after school chaos, dinner, next day prep and I decided to not take my gym time.  That one decision, to skip my 60 minutes of training set me in motion, to fall off my wagon and stay there. My productivity has been off since. So, here it is the end of my first week of trying to set a routine, and I feel like I’ve failed.

I know there are many different philosophies on priorities for all of us – no matter whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, working mother, not a mother, or a stay-at-home-work-from-home mom (like myself).  I know what I need to stay happy, focused and overall the best form of supermom that I can be.  For me, that means I need to have my kids happy and healthy, we all need to be rested, I need some form of physical activity every day and I need to cross things off my to-do list.  Now, what you put on your to-do list is your business (although I strongly feel that physical activity should be on everyone’s list). But the real kicker here is, prioritize while cutting yourself some slack. My life is not going to be forever altered if I leave a basket of clothes unfolded from the dryer or if I wear my pajamas to drop my kids off at school (sorry fellas, and Helen).  

It’s important to know the difference between the “needs” that I mentioned before, and my “wants”. If your needs really include dusting daily, then I guess you should do it (and then get to my place!) but if it’s something that really can wait, then let it.  Our bodies are the only place we have to live for our whole lives. If you don’t make YOU a priority, then everything else will fall by the wayside too.  Don’t know where to start? Get outside and stroll. Dance? Hit up Zumba (shout out to Angie Delahunt at STEPS Dance Studio in Wellsville, check out her classes) or turn on the 90’s Hip Hop station on Pandora and relive your junior high years while shaking it to Biggie, TuPac and Montel Jordan (a few of my favorites!). Just get active!

Don’t let those classroom snacks, dirty dishes or school drop-offs stress you out.  Take it in stride, knowing that you’re taking care of yourself which in turn helps you to take care of others (whether it be kids, or cats). Let your hair down, and lose the cape – even superman didn’t wear it all the time.

Love, Erica.

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