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So, because I love getting Megan and Heather’s “Our Picks” blog, I thought it would be fun to do my own, fitness edition! Everything here is something that is currently on my “wish list”.  

guest blogger | my picks, fitness edition

1| Although I don’t run as regularly as I did last summer/fall when I was training for my 3rd half-marathon, I will never put anything on my feet to run besides Asics or Saucony sneakers. For my foot type and foot strike, there is nothing better.  These little beauties popped up on my Facebook news feed after I had been shoe browsing one day, and I have loved them ever since. Most people don’t stray from the “other” big brands because of their flashy style or color combinations – but when you can get both comfort and style, I’m all about it.  And in all honesty, I really prefer my sneaks to be a little obnoxious, bright colors and patterns, which is why these are at the top of my pick list!

2| Next, since I primarily work from home, my wardrobe is really made up of all kinds of workout gear.  From cotton yoga pants to lycra Nike Pro’s (aka booty shorts that I only wear when I’m working out by myself), my favorite is gear by Flag Nor Fail. I love the company because of who they are and what they stand for (and I have a total couple crush, if that’s a thing, on Rob and Dana), but I love the gear because the shirts are all a super lightweight and breathable, which makes sense to workout in.  Currently, I’m crushing on their women’s joggers and the K*LL EVERYTHING crew sweatshirt.  Let’s face it, if I have to embrace the cooler fall weather, the comfy, cool and functional clothes are perfect for my wardrobe!

3| The next item is something I would love to add to my home gym collection. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on power racks and free weights. The TRX Suspension Trainer is a great investment – especially if you’re short on space and interested in complete body workout without making the investment of setting up a home gym.  Even with all the equipment we have acquired through the years, this is something stays at the top of my wish list!  

4| Lastly, to finish off my picks are Hippie Runner Headbands.  Now, these are actually something that I already have and love!  If you’ve trained with me, seen me drop off/pick up my kids from school or anywhere else, you’ve probably noticed me wearing one.  These are by far the best fitting, most comfortable and cutest headbands I have invested in EVER! They keep the sweat from my eyes during workouts are machine washable without stretching or altering the shape and can be a super cute accessory for when you’re not working out too. I plan to add more to my collection – and there’s almost always a BOGO or free shipping sale.

So there you have it, my fitness edition picks!  Next month, as promised you’ll get my first monthly freebie – a quickie workout you can do anywhere.

Love, Erica.

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