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Hello ladies, its February so of course I am planning my entire summer wardrobe daily. I was in Trend the other day buying a darling coffee mug and my favorite candle, and admitted to Heather that I have already been obsessing over my Evening under the Stars outfit. Thankfully Heather being just excited as I am readily admitted to her pursuit of the perfect outfit for the occasion as well. The funny thing is, every time I browse for my summer wardrobe whether it be an everyday ensemble or for a special event such as Evening under the Stars, I always end up looking at jumpsuits.

First of all, they look good on me. The older I get and the more my body changes I can always rely on a jumpsuit to make me feel good. My very first blog was on a fun neutral jumpsuit from Anthropolgie which I am still wearing and loving. I wore a white River island one from ASOS for Evening Under the Stars last year and felt amazing. And after Trend Addiction’s fashion show last year I purchased a black and white floral one with cut outs that was rocked on the runway. I wore it on a date and although the date was a flop I felt HOT HOT! (rhymed… boom!)  Jumpsuits also have a way of making me feel unique. When I put one on I feel very confident and fierce. I’m not sure why but for some reason I just do. I feel like Cher, and who doesn’t want to feel like Cher?

Right now I am currently on a hunt for a floral one I saw on New Girl. Cece was rocking it and she looked simple, comfortable, and hot! I found it at Bloomingdales and of course it’s sold out and costs $128. (whyyyyyy!!??) But I WILL find one similar.  Side note: I love Cece’s style. She barely accessorizes and always looks chic which is something I really appreciate.  AND THOSE BANGS!!!! In my dreams I have bangs just like hers.

Doing my best to follow my frugal plan I talked about in my previous blog post I have only purchased one thing for my summer wardrobe thus far and it’s this khaki green beauty from H&M that I also had a 30% off coupon for! I know this will get worn to death because it’s light, breezy and of course a Jumpsuit! Plus the color is on point! I can dress it up or down and it’s comfy. Perfect.

So here’s to making more perfect purchases and finding what makes YOU feel good!

P.S. Leave me a comment if you know where I can find a similar floral Jumpsuit as Cece’s and I will love you forever!


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