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Do you want to know what really sucks? Being a fashion girl who appreciates the unique qualities of  high-end garments and home decor who is with out the means to provide for such things. In other words, I’m broke b*&%$#! Well I’m not actually broke but my money needs to be going else where besides in my closet… even though it pains me (literally) to say those words. So this year I am going to try to make sure that I do not over spend on clothing and home décor. How you say? Well let me tell you.

First of all — I need to learn this word, PATIENCE. When I see something I like I feel the impulsive need to find any way possible to purchase it immediately. I lay in bed thinking about how if I don’t get my hands on it someone else is sure too and if they don’t Lord knows some cosmic force will wipe it off the face of the earth to teach me a lesson about my shopaholic ways. So of course I end up waking up at 2:30 am and getting on the computer and buying it. I feel gratification for one mere second and then immediate guilt for the rest of the night and in to the next day. Why couldn’t I have just waited? Maybe it would have went on sale! And of course there is the question of, did I REALLY need this item? Would my heart have stopped if it wasn’t in my possession?

Second of all — I need to stay off shopping sites. This would in reality cure most of the problem, but here I am taking a break from Facebook and all of its evil just to open up another evil. I mean how else will I spend my time? If I can’t browse Facebook, then I must browse H&M and Anthropologie all day right? Oh and what about West Elm? You know I do need new bedding.

Thirdly — I need a plan. So my plan is to do my best to eliminate reason 1 and 2. If I can learn that I do NOT HAVE to have something right now and I will not parish because of it, it will greatly improve my chances of actually SAVING (yes I said S-A-V-I-N-G) up money to purchase something that may be a little more pricey. I will do my best to read books which I do indeed love to do (in the middle of Pride and Prejudice right now) and stay up to date on my news instead of browsing sites that I do not have the money for. And lastly I am going to make goals. If I have a few special events in the summer like Evening under the Stars I am going to think ahead about them and start saving now. If something truly beautiful and pricey catches my eye for such an occasion I will make a vow to NOT put in on a credit card and instead save my money and purchase it out-of-pocket. May my everyday wardrobe updates suffer because of it? Maybe, but I need to choose one or another because after all you can’t have your cake and eat it too. And I mean lets face it my current wardrobe is not in a sad state. It has very versatile fashionable pieces that can follow me in to spring and summer.

Wish me luck!

Hello 2016! Bye, bye shopaholic ways! (I hope…)


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