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As promised, we’re back to what Megan actually asked me to do here. I wanted to put together a short and functional workout that you can do at home, with no equipment required, works your full body even when you’re short on time. The idea here is to put your maximum effort in to a short amount of time, this will allow you to get a good strength and cardiovascular workout.

Here’s what you need:

  • At least 20 minutes, preferably 30.
  • A timer – kitchen stove/microwave timer, clock or cell phone app like Seconds Pro Interval Timer App for Android.
  • Workout space – this doesn’t have to be anything special, just enough room to be able to move freely

As mentioned before, we’re looking for maximum effort in small bursts of time. You will be working for 30 seconds on, resting for 10 seconds, repeat, repeat, repeat…(this is where that interval timer app comes in handy, you can program it specifically to each circuit/move).  Before you get started, be sure to do a set of jumping jacks, arm circles, trunk rotations – these dynamic stretching moves will help to get your body warm before you begin.

Here’s what you’re going to do:

  • Body weight squats
  • Elbow Plank
  • Alternating forward lunges
  • Half Jacks (not a jumping movement like a jumping jack, you will raise opposite arm and leg, arm straight overhead and leg to the side).
  • Push-ups (may be done against a wall, on your knees or toes!)
  • Speed Skaters
  • Tricep dip (seated on floor, feet flat on floor, palms flat on the floor inline with shoulders, elbows pointed back NOT out).
  • Pulse squats (This squat is performed in the bottom half of the movement. When you sink into a squat, you will not stand all the way back up, but instead pulse at the bottom).
  • Plank and reach (Start in plank position, then alternating reaches straight ahead)
  • Curtsy lunges
  • Side Planks (Start with R, then after break do L side).

Remember, you’re going to work for 30 seconds, then a 10 second break. When you have finished your side planks, take a 90sec to 3 minute break before you start at the top again.  You’re going to work at maximum effort so each 30 second period should be difficult. Aim to get at least the same amount of repetitions for each particular movement each time through the circuit, but more if possible!

If you add this circuit at least 3 times a week, you will help to combat those holiday indulgences, while building core strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions about the movements – or consult YouTube for clarification. I hope you enjoy the circuit – my Backyard Conditioning class did this summer! Enjoy your Thanksgiving – and don’t stress about the pumpkin pie. It’s one day, one meal.

I’m continuously thankful for the opportunity to reach out and share some of what I have learned in my own journey with health and fitness.  Thank you Trend Addictions, for allowing me to take up space here!

Love, Erica.

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