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I wasn’t 100% sure where to take the direction of this month’s blog. So, I reached out to a few of my favorites and asked what would you want to read about? And I got some great responses, but nothing that I could take and run with — if you like to write, you know how hard it can be to write something that isn’t in your heart, gut or brain.

So, even though I adore my peeps for giving me ideas. I have to go with what’s in my heart right now. As of this very minute, this blog post is to be due in 19 minutes. (For real, Erica?!?!) I don’t know for sure when Megan will decide to post it, but I’ll be okay with whatever she decides. But here’s the truth, for as often as I want to be full of motivation and inspiration for my clients, friends and family — I have my down days.  Now, I won’t be overly dramatic here. My down days are nothing compared to some — there are all kinds of people fighting bigger fights than what I’m working through now, and they aren’t nearly as down or as often as they used to be. But right here, right now, it means something to me.

After a few days off my regular routine — both workouts and food regimen, I can feel every indulgence and second that I wasn’t moving my body. And even worse, I find myself feeling old feelings — things that haven’t bothered me in a really long time.

I’m no expert, in anything really, but have learned a lot about myself and others through the process of self-development and working with my clients. My first step in the right direction is always acknowledging how I feel, knowing that I’m not alone (even if I feel that way) and removing the power it has to run my day (or days in this case). Well, great. I feel like poo, so now what? Now, I rely on what has worked for me in the past. I get moving — doesn’t matter doing what, just move. The longer I stay in the place I’m in (on the couch watching junk, eating junk, or in a funk) the worse it gets.

Last night, I kicked my own @$$ with this circuit:

  • 10 Burpees (p.s. I HATE burpees!), if I finished those before 1 minute, I could use the extra seconds to rest.
  • 15 Box jumps, for the second minute. Again, if I got those in before my minute was over, I could use the extra time for rest.
  • Last, kettlebell swings (Or in my case dumbbell swings), 15 each arm, again using leftover time for rest.

Then, do it all over again until you hit 20 minutes. It’s not easy — I was sucking air the entire time. So, if you’re not a seasoned exerciser — start with 10 minutes, or change-up the moves

Today I have meals planned and my gallon jug full. I have a gym date at 9:30 and shortly after will commence on my work day. That’s important because when I’m fighting the funk, it’s a REALLY bad habit of mine to put off what’s most important to me. Sometimes that’s work. Now I don’t mean I shut down completely, but I skim. Do only what I have to do. So, I will make a reasonable list — that’s important, because becoming overwhelmed can quickly send me right back where I came from – and get it done.

Sometimes it’s easy to cut yourself a break – and sometimes it’s easy to cut yourself too big of a break. That’s why the last thing I need is a solid tribe to keep my head out of the clouds when I’m floating. Understanding is so important, but I need accountability just as much. I need someone to tell me, “it’s okay, I’ve been where you are — but it’s time to stop letting excuses hold you back.” Not because they want to be hurtful, but because they truly know my heart and know that sometimes what I need, is not always what I want to hear.

I’m not sure if any of this is what you wanted to hear today, but I shared anyway. If you’re fighting the funk, I encourage you to reach out to your tribe. Let them know you don’t expect them to fix it for you, but would love some understanding and accountability. Remember to be kind to yourself while you’re fighting, you are better than the “funk.” Take care of your mind and body, and it will thank you in return. Thank you for continuing to follow these rambles!

Lastly, I want to thank the awesome ladies that commented on last month’s blog. You will all be receiving a little something special from me!

Next time, we’ll chat about getting ready for your first 5k — it’s race season out there!!

Love, Erica.

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  • Brittany

    Looking forward to your next blog! Getting ready for my second 5k this year and my first 8k next month. Trying to have atleast once race a month to keep me on track and in the mindset for my first half marathon in October!!

  • Michelle Green

    Hi Erica! I’m in that funk right now, too. Maybe it’s the transition of winter to spring. Syracuse weather can’t decide. One day it’s 25 degrees, the next it’s 50 degrees. But, like you, I know I have to keep moving and practice mindful eating. So, walking it is and paying attention to what I eat (when Wendy’s would be so much easier) I do. Yesterday, when walking, I got so wrapped up in writing medical coding assignment questions (that I keyboard as soon as I get home), I missed my turn and ended up walking an extra mile. Made me laugh because as much as I tell myself I hate to exercise, when I’m walking I do enjoy it :-))

  • victoria

    Loved this! I have been in a severe funk as well! For me it’s the weather …. it sends me in to a yucky grumpy mood. So excited for this warm weekend! Thanks for sharing!

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