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Fall is magic to me. I don’t know about you, but the minute I feel that first cool breeze and smell the crispness of fall in the air — I get that feeling. The feeling of pumpkins and Halloween, the feeling of sweaters and cozy days, the feeling of wild apples and changing leaves. It is magic. It’s also the exciting time of new fall trends and cozying up your wardrobe.

I’m still getting the hang of my blog, but I think outside of touching on specific trends or other things that I am passionate about, I will start doing a seasonal blog. Something that I hope will give you a little inspiration for your own wardrobe.  I have three styles to show you. One is casual & fun, two is sexy & edgy, and three is a look that might be a little more adventurous for some — but is my personal favorite.


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Whether you are taking the kids to a pumpkin patch or heading out for brunch, this is a perfect day time look. Olive green is HUGE right now and I am obsessed. This jacket has a slight military vibe and also cinches in your waistline perfectly. I paired it with one of my new favorite pair of dark gray pants from Trend and a simple flowy black tank.  I added the hat last-minute because, well, hats are amazing. It gives it such a fabulous touch.


guest blogger | fall vibes | trend addictions blog guest blogger | fall vibes | trend addictions blog guest blogger | fall vibes | trend addictions blog

Fall makes me feel like falling in love. Which never happens… but it’s the feeling I get. This outfit is perfect for a fall date night. My jacket was a splurge (sale splurge that is) from Anthropologie, which is no longer available. A less expensive and equally as cute option would be this one from H&M. These long line trenches are amazing. The tie brings in your waist and is just so chic. I paired it with a pair of faux leather leggings and booties.  These are the beloved pants I talked about in my All Black Everything blog. They were purchased probably three years ago at of all places Pac Sun. I NEVER go in Pac Sun, at least not since I was 15. I do not remember what lead me there that day, but I was lucky enough to snag these bad boys. I have worn them so much that the knees started to blow out of them so I slit them. It was like I bought them all over again! I love them even more now. The faux leather pants paired with the long line trench makes a match made it heaven. Faux leather leggings and pants are not leaving us anytime soon and they literally pair with everything. Now is the time to add them to your wardrobe. My booties were last year from Just Fab, but any heel will do. I consider heels a must have with this outfit especially with the long line coat. It will elongate your legs and up the sex appeal for your hot date night.


guest blogger | fall vibes | trend addictions blog guest blogger | fall vibes | trend addictions blog guest blogger | fall vibes | trend addictions blog guest blogger | fall vibes | trend addictions blog

This is my favorite outfit that I own and I’m not kidding. 90’s trends are huge right now and this has a very Cher Horowitz vibe with a mature updated edge. Thigh high socks are my life. If I could wear them everyday, I would. They pair so perfectly with a pair of tights and keep your legs extra warm. So even though this outfit may appear impractical for cold weather it’s truly not. I wear this scarf as a shawl far more than I do for an actual scarf. It’s amazing and I recommend getting one ASAP. I purchased this entire outfit from (drum roll please) Forever 21 aside from the booties which translates in to the fact that this outfit was a steal. Although I do splurge on some things, this goes to show you that you can be severely stylish (yes I said severely and I’m not ashamed) with out spending a fortune.

All of these outfits have a few things in common and that would be black and olives tones. These colors are hot right now and pair so nicely with so many other colors. If I could suggest one thing that is a staple for Fall 2015 it would be an olive toned coat. Whether it be a military style or a trench they are so amazing to have and can really pull an outfit together. So ladies, let me know what you think and if you would like to see this every season! Also, side note: for the love of all that is good take one chilly fall evening with a girlfriend or by yourself to curl up on your couch with wine and delicious snacks and watch Age of Adaline, it was AMAZING.

Love, Victoria.


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  • I love all three of these looks, but I think the first is my favorite. The eggplant hat is fabulous! The damaged leather skinnies in the second look + the knee highs in the third are awesome though! I’m loving the 90’s trends that are making their way back — especially because they’re even better this time around! Cher Horowitz was everythingggg! XO

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