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I am having a denim moment. Actually a denim, indigo, sky, chambray, blu moment (see what I did there? *wink wink). Have you ever stumbled upon something that you just feel really sexy in? Well, denim does that for me. It’s very Julia Roberts, circa early nineties, to me. (Side note: Julia Roberts is one of my fashion/everything idols! Pretty Woman, Mystic Pizza… okay, moving on.)

The great thing about denim is that you can literally pair it with just about anything. Find a fun skirt with lots of personality, some wedges, and pair that with a simple button up chambray top.  Voila, you have a cute, eclectic look. Put that same top with a high wasted pair of white skinnies and some pointed stilettos, and you have a clean, crisp, classic look.  Kourtney Kardashian wears denim with just about everything and I LOVE it! Check out the bibs she wore vintage shopping. Or how about some super sexy jeans paired with a simple white tee?

I’m a neutral girl, but my daughter, Lola, fancies herself a “woman of color.” (These are her own 8-year-old words. Just ask Heather!) However, she will let me buy her a few chambray pieces, as long as she can spruce them up with her hot pink flamingo earrings. Denim is HUGE for kids right now! She has a darling romper, from Old Navy this year, but unfortunately, it’s no longer on the website (boo!). There are plenty of other options for the littles though, like these absolutely amazing dungarees, from Zara, or this to-die-for dress, from Gap Kids, so you can pair your looks and go all “mommy and me” on your kids! Poor Lola…

It doesn’t just stop at clothing either! I recently redecorated my apartment. I’m not allowed to paint and my living room walls are blue and egg shell. When I first moved in, I hated it. I think it was more for the simple fact that I was denied my painting privileges than it was because of the actual color. Haha! Now I have completely embraced it. I started adding gold and neutral accents and it goes together like a dream! Trend had some absolutely delightful things that paired beautifully with my décor, like this darling stoneware cream and sugar set — it looks divine sitting on my countertop. These ceramic measuring cups and lovely cups and bowls are next on my list. I mean the print, the color, how could you not love it?! Blue, to me, is cool and fresh, which is exactly what I want in my home.

Denim blue is universal. Denim blue is an icon. Denim blue doesn’t worry about your lumps and bumps. Denim blue shuts it down like a boss. Whether you’re a daring fashion adventurer, minimalist, or a girl who plays it safe in the fashion game, you need denim in your life.

Love, Victoria.

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