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I recently read a Rob Scheppy interview in Harper’s Bazaar, the title contained something about the Kardashians’ contouring, so obviously I had to read it. I learned that Khloe does the best contouring by herself (you go Khlo-money), but what I loved the most about his interview was what he said about brows. His exact quote was this, “I’m so over thick eyebrows. I miss a thin eyebrow. People think thick brows make them look younger, but really, there’s no more space to put eye shadow on your face. You know when something becomes such a trend, like you went out and bought those Louboutins but everyone has them so you want to get rid of them and buy the next thing that no one has? That’s how I feel about eyebrows right now. Everyone’s drawing in eyebrows and I just want a no eyebrow moment.”

While I can’t bring myself to say that I’m over thick brows because, I’m not, I envy them. I do think that after going through several brow phases that ranged from non-existent to “you could land a plane on those things,” I 100% think you should lean towards what the good Lord gave you.

When brows became #eyebrowsonfleek, I wanted on that wagon. So, of course, I took that overboard. I started over drawing my eyebrows entirely too much and it looked ridiculous! It was, however, better than my non-existent brows, but still not what they should be. Makeup is one of my first loves, so I follow multiple darling beauty bloggers, along with celebs, to learn what I can’t figure out on my own. Carli Bybel has really helped me, so definitely check her out.

But what has really changed my brow game was Kim Kardashian. She has very thick brows and recently has opted for a slightly thinner shaped brow. When I saw that on her it just looked more natural. It boosted her whole look and almost made her face appear thinner to me. So after I mourned the fact that thick brows might not be for me, I tried going with my natural shape that I have been growing out and it was life changing (okay, so that might be a little dramatic) but it was a big difference to me! When I go sans makeup the difference is so much less dramatic now, my makeup looks more polished & natural and I feel great about it.

So ladies, know I say this with love, STOP over drawing or over waxing! Listen to Rob Scheppy, you don’t want the loubs that everyone else has, you want your own individual wow factor. Let them grow in (no matter how awful and long it takes) and shape them up and fill them in naturally. If your over waxing obsessions has made it impossible to grow in any real shape think back at what your brows were before they were ever waxed. Were they thick? Thin? And follow that, I guarantee that this will up your makeup status.

So here is the part where I get to say #eyebrowsonfleek. See below, the products I use, and don’t forget to check out Carli Bybel or take a peek at Kim K’s brows for some help on applying.

I line and fill first with this pencil in “Hazel” leaving the inner brow untouched.

guest blogger | brow game

I go over the initial lines with my Anastasia brush dipped in the dipbrow in Blonde touching lightly in upward strokes on the inner brow and brush and blend with the other end of the brush again.

guest blogger | brow gameguest blogger | brow gameguest blogger | brow game

One more time… #eyebrowsonfleek.

guest blogger | brow game

Love, Victoria.


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