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guest blogger seriesFall is right around the corner, at least for us. Like Heather has mentioned, you only get about 2 full months of summer where we live, so your summer wardrobe gets minimal use. As sad as that may be, I can’t help but start dreaming of my fall wardrobe for this year. I can start wearing leather pants and lots of makeup again, and that excites me more than it probably should.

The one trend I plan on basing my fall/winter wardrobe on this year is: black on black. I am OBSESSED. To me there is absolutely nothing more chic than an all black outfit. I feel like a Parisian and a New Yorker all at once, and for me that is basically the ultimate goal. And let’s be honest, I feel mysterious and sexy, kind of like a drug lord’s wife (minus the drug lord, obvs).  I love to pair my all black looks with dramatic eye makeup, nude lippies, and sleek hair, but minimal makeup and messy curls looks amazing with it too! It’s so versatile and flattering.

Last year I started collecting a few black pieces, a turtle neck here, a faux leather legging there, and the good news is most of those things are affordable.  I have an amazing pair of faux leather pants I purchased at Pac Sun, of all places, like three years ago and have worn them to death! The knees started to really wear so I sliced holes in the knees! That look is so in right now too, so it was a win win. It made them look literally a million times edgier and sexier. I get SO many compliments on them.

To get the look start saving for a few key pieces that are a mid to high quality. I just started a budget, because I am a real living breathing shopaholic, but that’s a story for another blog. So now I am saving for the ultimate faux leather jacket. I have my eye on this one from Top Shop . Your leather jacket, boots, and staple black jeans or faux leather pants are a good start. Then you can start collecting basics, a sexy tee or tank, and since black fades pretty easily there is no need to splurge on those. Trend Addictions has the HOTTEST tee right now and it is so comfy! It would be an amazing piece to start your all black look.

So get out there and give this look a try! Head on over to my instagram @theblublonde for some past and future inspiration! I will be posting black on black outfits as I gather pieces through out the fall and winter! Start saving up and shopping, girls. I will be right there with you. Not only does it require a minimal thought process it’s an instant confidence booster and very flattering. Take it away ladies…take it away.


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