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When you love Halloween, it’s not just a one night experience, it’s an all year experience. When I say “all year,” I mean that its always in the back of your mind. When you are shopping you think to yourself, “this would make an adorable costume,” or “this would make the spookiest decoration.” You are always thinking about what you should be next year and what your kids should be next year. Halloween is especially fun for those that have a little bit of a dark side. This is our month! The month that it’s perfectly acceptable to wear grey lipstick and red eye shadow (although I wear that all year round) and all black. You can eat tons of candy and watch all your favorite Halloween movies (Hocus Pocus! Can I get a what-what!?). If you’re not that into Halloween, you just won’t understand, and that’s ok, but for us that do, it’s a mother-flipping lifestyle for (at least) the whole month of October.

This year, I am attending a “Grimm Brother’s Fairy Tales” themed bash. So off I went on a search for a unique costume that would be on point for the theme. I found a really interesting Grimm fairy tale about 7 brothers that were turned into crows and instantly knew I was on to something. So after much contemplation, I decided to be a crow. It’s dark, mysterious, and I knew I had things in my closet and makeup that I could use!

I knew I wanted to wear all black so the first piece that came to mind was a pair of high-waisted leather leggings and my black wedge heels. Costumes are insanely expensive and once you move past the slutty nurse and cop phase you start to think more practically. Like, could I re-wear this? Will I be warm? All very important and frugal things to think about. So I opted to purchase a long sleeve body suit and a darling leaf head band from ASOS that I know I will wear again.

So here is where I let you in on a somewhat embarrassing, yet very insightful Halloween secret. I used to buy clubbing clothes back in the day from a site called AMI club wear. Yes, it’s true. So now that we are past the embarrassing part, onto the awesome part. Everything is dirt cheap! And they have tons of Halloween costumes and accessories. So I went on their site and typed in “feather” in the search. I immediately found what I was looking for. They have these awesome feather “tops” in all different colors. I found the black one and knew I could wear it over my bodysuit. With the promo code and fast shipping it was $32.00. This may sound pricey but I looked EVERYWHERE (Etsy, Party City… etc) for similar things and they were either $80.00 or too fancy.

Onto the makeup. My friend and I had been sending pictures that we found on Pinterest and other place back and fourth for weeks. There were so many awesome ideas! I originally did a trial run with red eye shadow and although it was awesome it wasn’t that extreme “crow look” that I wanted to achieve. So at the last minute my friend sent me an amazing picture of black swan inspired makeup and I was sold. So I gave it a whirl early in the day and everyone agreed it was much more in character than the original more mild makeup I was going to wear.  And it was seriously SO easy. I was so intimidated by it at first and was completely surprised with how easy it actually was. So my advice is to give it a trial run but DO NOT tell yourself you can’t do it. You may be pleasantly surprised. Just play around and have fun! Makeup is your best asset in your costume! You could take an all black outfit and do so many things with the right makeup and accessories.

So if you are stumped for Halloween and nervous because it’s only 4 days away go look through your closet! Use that eyeliner and your imagination. Before you know it you will be rocking the perfect costume! And just remember you can ALWAYS find fake blood so, if your really in a bind draw on some fangs, drip a little (or a lot muhahahaha) of fake blood down your face, put on a sexy outfit and BAM — your vampin’ it up!

guest blogger | a noir halloween guest blogger | a noir halloween guest blogger | a noir halloween

Stay scary my pretties… MUHAHAHA!



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