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The infamous question – “are you a dog person or a cat person?”  In reality, I have never had a single person ask me this question, but onward.  Most of you know what my answer would be – cat person.  Don’t be mistaken.  I love all animals.  Some of my friends are reading this right now and thinking, “um, excuse me liar, but you hate my dog.”  Well, not true.  Your dog probably just annoys me.  Isn’t that right, Casey Leigh?

Why are people so hateful towards cats?  I have never heard of someone hating dogs just “because.”  Never have I ever heard someone say, “I just don’t really like dogs.”  I do hear this about cats.  All the time.  People wrinkle their nose when they find out I have cats.  People ask me why I have cats.  What in the world, may I ask, did cats do to anyone?  Have you ever heard news reports about vicious cats attacking humans?  Have you ever heard of parents being fearful of their children playing at the neighbors’ due to their intimidating and aggressive feline?  Doubtful.  So, naturally, I asked my “cat-hating” sister, about her thoughts.  These are the things she filled me in on.

COMPLAINT NO. 1 // “Litter boxes.  Ew.  Outside potty-ing animals are more my thing.”

Why is this so detestable to some?  Do you clean your toilet?  Do you change your child’s diaper?  And if you do have outdoor pets, don’t you scoop the dog poop out of your yard?  Or are you the person that lets their dog head over to the neighbors’ to take care of business?  If the latter applies to you, then we will just leave it at that.

COMPLAINT NO. 2 // “They shed.”

Dogs shed.  Heck, I shed.  We all shed.  I don’t know about you, but I lose hair like it’s my job and I’d rather find a clump of fur on my bed, than clean a hair-clogged drain any day.  Plus, a lint roller only costs $3.47.

COMPLAINT NO. 3 // “The way they look at me.  The way they slow walk like they’re on a really creepy runway.”

I’m sorry, what?

COMPLAINT NO. 4 // “How they groom themselves.”

Have you ever watched yourself “grooming?”  I’m not talking about watching the television when some airbrushed actor/actress is taking a steamy shower.  I’m talking about you.  In your shower.  In the privacy of your own home.  I’m sure you look weird too.

COMPLAINT NO. 5 // “It seems like every one of them likes to rub on you.”

Do you hug your family?  Do you tell them you love them?  Do you say “thank you” when someone makes you dinner?  Well, so do cats.  It just turns out that they don’t have arms to hug, nor do they speak.  I mean, human anyway.  My loved ones would claim I “speak cat” to my feline friends, but don’t you talk to your dog?  Or am I truly the weirdest person alive?  Surely not, considering Megan’s dogs have entire lives scripted by their humans.

COMPLAINT NO. 6 // “If they have claws, those suck.”

Maybe, but let’s start clipping your fingers off at the first knuckle and let me know how that works out for you.

COMPLAINT NO. 7 // “Their nocturnal ways.  Double hate.”

This I cannot argue with.  I have one that will sleep all night and one that really enjoys a good stretch and scratch.  At 4am.  However, just the sound of the water bottle tends to send her away till 6 or so.  Makes for a good alarm clock?  That’s all I’ve got on that one.

I understand that cats aren’t for everyone.  Clearly, they are for the coolest of individuals.  This is why I have two.  Really though, in the words of my sister, “Even though I hate them, I feel as if they are a lot smarter than ever given credit for, and that alone is creepy.”  Give credit where credit is due.  You may find it creepy, I find it intriguing!  For the love of God, some people like snakes and spiders, and that creeps me out, but let’s all give up pet shaming, or at least try.  I may frequently be covered in cat hair, have random stashes of catnip in strange places, and discuss my cats like they’re my children, but cats are people pets too, and I love my sweet kitty girls.

Love, Heather. (Oh, and my cat-hating sister, Alexis.)

felines :: friends or foes

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  • victoria

    Can I just say…… I love this! You’re so right, if you say your not a dog person people look at you like Satan himself but people talk horribly about cats….. even about harming them. It’s just not right! I have had cats my whole life and some of my best memories as a child are playing with my cats. Who else will lovingly bring you a mouse as a present or get all up in your business when they know you are sad? Cats that’s who! Loved this post! Cats for life!

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