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do you ever look at something in a store and think it’s absolutely amazing, you have to have it, you’re totally in love with it… and then think — ‘but what the heck would i do with it?’ now-a-days you can hop right onto pinterest and it finds what you can do with it. at the boutique, we get tons of home decor in that we always wonder, what the heck are we going to do with this? so, we hop right onto pinterest — and voila, we find what to do with it. do you have something that you had to have, loved and bought — and don’t know what the heck to do with it? tell us. we can help. we promise we will love it too :) so, if you ever wonder, don’t. we’ve got you covered. think of us as your real life pinterest.

what we love right now –>


vintage typewriter keys. oh, vintage. how we love thee. these are pretty snazzy and at $1 a pop, what CAN’T you do with them? hop on over HERE to see what we found to do with them. hop on over HERE if you want some, or stop down to the store :)

love, us.

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