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One thing I’ve heard since the day I opened my store, was how people love the smell every time they walk in. There is a reason as to why I have done this for so long. The moment you smell a scent you like — your mind associates it with a happy occasion, such as a holiday or birthday. At that moment, you are relaxed. That’s the hope I have for my customers. I hope for them to be relaxed while they shop. Anthropologie uses candles in their dressing rooms, because trying clothes on is stressful. The more you feel relaxed, the better you feel about yourself. Here are some helpful hints that you want to look for in buying candles.


OPT FOR SOY OR BEESWAX // Long term exposure to toxins from paraffin can pose a health hazard. Soy + beeswax are free from toxins and biodegradable.

LOOK FOR NATURAL OILS // Artificially scented candles contain petroleum-based synthetic compounds. Natural oils trigger specific reactions, so pick ones that speak to how you are looking to feel. For example, lavender can help reduce stress levels.

GET MORE FOR YOUR MONEY // Most candles these days come in a jar of some sort. Choose one that looks pretty and you can use after you’re done with it. There are 2 good ways to get wax out of a jar after it’s done burning — 1. Put it in a pot of water on the stove, when it melts, pour it out, 2. Stick it in the freezer until it’s frozen and then chip it out.


Tip — Try burning a candle in the bathroom while getting ready, it will help boost your mood for the day.

Where to buy — Soap Dish | Soap | Candle | Matches


Tip — Put a candle in a wider container, that way you reduce the risk of wax spilling out if it’s bumped.

A COUPLE TIPS FROM THE PROS (our Illume rep, Anne):

  • Always trim the wick about 1/4 inch. This prevents soot and flickering.
  • When you’re done burning the candle, take a long pointed object (ex. paper clip) and tip the burning wick down into the wax pool to extinguish it and lift the wick back up. This prevents the smoke smell that comes from just blowing out a wick.
  • Always let your candle burn long enough to form a wax pool all the way across the top of the candle. This prevents tunneling and wasted wax on the next burn.
  • Always keep candles out of a draft. This causes drips.

Happy Burning!

Love, Us.


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