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One of my biggest pet peeves is the question “what do you want to do for dinner?” We are 2 working parents with 2 kids. And by working parents, I mean — we never stop. My husband is the Regional Sales Manager for an environmental lab, which means he travels a lot. I am constantly doing something for the store, whether it’s researching, ordering, merchandising, etc. We are raising 2 children and our dogs are escape artists, so on our down time we are usually looking for them. By the time we get home at 6 or later, we both look at each other and ask the dreaded question, “what do you want to do for dinner?”


  • I am no chef and I don’t play one on TV.
  • I am not a Nutritionist and will never claim to be.
  • I have been known to frequent Burger King, a lot.

However, I can speak from experience on having health issues from eating certain things and I am an avid picky eater. A couple months ago, I decided to start eating better. I started sitting down on Sundays and going through my stacks of magazine recipes (yes, I keep them in a binder all nice and hole punched) and searching through pins on my food board on Pinterest. I would go through each recipe and assign it to a day of the week, writing down each item that I will need at the grocery store for each recipe. I am VERY lucky because my husband does the grocery shopping. I tell him it’s against my religion to go to the grocery store, but he doesn’t believe me. This is where I believe we are a great team. I have come up with a set of rules that I try to stick with while doing this process.

Rule 1 // Always do a staple meal — This can be great if someone is a picky eater. Making your one staple meal (ex. homemade mac and cheese) will be the night they look forward too.

Rule 2 // Always try one new recipe (if not more) — This is great if someone likes trying new dishes. I tend to try a couple new recipes every week.

Rule 3 // Always try one healthy recipe — If you’re a healthy eater already, this won’t be hard. But for some others, it is. If you keep a healthy meal in your rotation, you’re more likely to enjoy it.

Rule 4 // Make sure to keep a log of what your family loved & hated. If you have a binder with pages in it, remove the ones you didn’t like. This is like going to a restaurant and you can never remember what you ordered the last time, only to order exactly what you hated, because you couldn’t remember.

Rule 5 // Stick to it. This is honestly the key. You may want to switch some days around, and that’s fine. But stick to your meal plan. Otherwise, you will waste the groceries you bought for the meal and most likely will spend more money going to eat out.

Want this cute little Weekly Menu printable? Head over to our Monthly Freebie post!

Happy Planning!

Love, Us.

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