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create everyday | meal planning | trend addictions blog

One thing I like to pride myself on, is my knack for meal planning. The husband and I have always worked well together (as I talked about here) with this. I meal plan for the week and make out the lists, he grocery shops, I cook and he cleans up. Sometimes the cooking and cleaning up are the other way around. Either way, it works for us. Lately, we have been doing meal subscription boxes (I’ll get more to that later). Surprisingly, it’s been cheaper in the long run.

Side note: I call the husband ’10 for 10′ quite a bit. He can never pass up a deal at the grocery store. We haven’t had many of those in a while since he came home with 10 boxes of wheat thins.

When I’m sitting down on Sunday night to meal plan for the week, I have 3 things with me: my binder, my planner and my list.

create everyday | meal planning | trend addictions blog

This binder is filled with recipes from magazines, to written down homemade recipes. I keep it all, if we didn’t like it, I throw it away. There are some that I have cooked over and over again. There are also some that I have never tried. But I will tell you, when Better Homes and Gardens comes out with their special interest magazine on food, that $10 doesn’t go to waste!

create everyday | meal planning | trend addictions blog

First, I try to figure out when everyone is going to be home. If the husband is away, I don’t cook a ton of food, because it’s just the girls and I — and one of them is super picky. Second, I figure out if we are doing anything during the week that means we don’t have to cook. Third, I go through my binder and mark down recipes I want to cook for that week. One routine that I found was helpful is:

Meatless Monday
Taco Tuesday
Wild Card Wednesday
Slow Cooker Thursday
Fridge Clean Out Friday

I’m not a huge leftover fan, unless it’s pasta. What’s with pasta being so good the day after? So, I wouldn’t go by the Fridge Clean Out Friday. Once I figure out what we are going to eat for the week, I go through the ingredients and write down on the list anything we don’t have. I then hand it over to the husband for his part. One thing we always make sure of, is that we keep our stock items, in stock. These are items that you tend to always use. Here’s what we keep in stock at all times, they’re good for our go to’s & shortcuts:


Veggie or Chicken Stock/Broth
Parmesan Cheese


Stir-Fry — this is perfect for when your veggies that you haven’t eaten are going to go bad soon. Throw them into a stir-fry and add some stir-fry sauce, rice and you’re done.

Soups — they’re perfect for throwing leftovers in the veggie or chicken stock/broth. Add some noodles or rice, some spices and you’re all set.

Rotisserie Chicken — these are super easy to grab at the store because they’re already cooked, you basically just need to reheat them. Throw some lemon on them, add some veggies and rice and you’re good to go.

Lemon Chicken — this is one of the easiest things to make. It basically makes itself. Throw some chicken, lemons, onions and lemon and pepper seasoning in a covered pan on low, 3 hours before you’re ready to eat and it’s done. It’s so delicious and you basically did nothing to get it ready.

Wraps — sometimes I get sick of having a lot of salads, so I make the salad into a wrap. I line the inside of the wrap with the dressing, put everything in it, fold and cut. Done.

So, there it is! I hope this helps you in any way and you at least took something away from it. Is there something you do with your meal planning? I would LOVE to know!

Happy planning,

Love, Megan.

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  • Lauren

    Great piece! We have a very similar set up in our home. And I go through similar motions, minus the recipe binder. Thanks for the idea! I guess I’ll be off to Target on my day off Wednesday. Thanks for causing me to spend $100 (I can never get out of that place under that amount) :-)

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