TO OUR CUSTOMERS // Let’s kick off the holiday shopping season, by supporting your own community, wherever you may call home, and shop local. Small shops are becoming few and far between. You may be saving a couple bucks by shopping online, but you get personalized service in the shop. Before you click ‘checkout’ on… Read More
I think this is the first year that I have ever said “I can’t wait for fall.” Heather says it year round. Me, not so much. But there’s something about this year. The booties, the big scarves, the pumpkins and so on. I can’t wait. I want to take the kids to Pumpkinville, drink hot… Read More
DISCLAIMER: I am absolutely not a doctor.  I hold no professional knowledge in the area of nutrition, exercise, or any combination of the two.  It’s just me, talking about my experience and my favorite juice.  No, my favorite juice is not wine.  Now, moving on.  How many of you wish you could just sit on… Read More
I’m an organized person.  As all of my friends, family, and Casey (who has to find my keys on a far too regular basis), just read that, they’re looking around saying, “does anyone actually believe that?”  I prefer to say that I live in organized chaos.  So basically, my planner knows exactly what’s going on… Read More
One of our (that would be Casey + I) favorite things to do in the summer is to go to the farmers’ market.  Now, I’ve not been to many markets, but I’d consider the Ithaca Farmers’ Market to be just about one of the most amazing places and it’s oh-so-close to us!  I love walking… Read More