As you can tell from my “create everyday – update your dinner table” blog post, I love my kitchen & dinner table to be a fun place for my family to hang out, whether for crafts, dinner, or just to talk! These Linen Hand Towels are the perfect way to add color to any kitchen… Read More
Warm weather is the perfect reason to get outside & be active with your family, but when you have kids, that can be challenging. Between sippy cups, toys, wipes, & more, we tend to get a bit overloaded. I’ve seen a lot of newer strollers that are lacking cup holders – a necessity for me… Read More
I drink coffee everyday. Only one cup, but every single day. I have a small obsession with the mugs I drink out of. When we first got these mugs in the store, I had to order more because I had already taken the first batch home. There’s something about drinking your coffee in a pretty… Read More
Every day on Facebook, we highlight a different item in the store. This is to show you the diversity of the items we carry. We decided to start doing a post on things that WE actually love and use as well — namely, our picks. We will do these every Friday, starting… now! With so… Read More