While having a conversation with the kiddos recently, one of them spouted off at the mouth and said, “I can’t wait to be an adult”. I immediately slapped her face* and told her to get out of here with that garbage. Being an adult is the worst. I proceeded to tell her the 78 thousand… Read More
I promise you that we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled fitness-inspired blogs soon, but throughout the years of all my misadventures in weight loss, gain, (loss and gain again) and all body image related things, I’ve finally come to understand this: it has to happen from the inside out. When I say it has… Read More
I recently read a Rob Scheppy interview in Harper’s Bazaar, the title contained something about the Kardashians’ contouring, so obviously I had to read it. I learned that Khloe does the best contouring by herself (you go Khlo-money), but what I loved the most about his interview was what he said about brows. His exact… Read More
I feel like my life is flying by — especially when I drink too much and forget things, but I think that is a whole different issue. It was not long ago when I was in my twenties living a carefree life. Now I am ancient, with kids and bills. Being an adult is not… Read More