As promised, we’re back to what Megan actually asked me to do here. I wanted to put together a short and functional workout that you can do at home, with no equipment required, works your full body even when you’re short on time. The idea here is to put your maximum effort in to a… Read More
When I think of UGG boots, I think of Paris and Nicole, as in early 2000’s Paris and Nicole. I loved them with their sexy/sloppy appeal, but then a few years later I woke up and realized they were mainly just sloppy. I think that Paris and Nicole realized that too, because they seem to be doing well… Read More
Facebook is an incredible invention. For people like me, you wonder how did we exist before Mark Zuckerberg? It has completely changed the way people communicate, date and even make important decisions. It is also the most evil, time-sucking, depressing thing ever. Social media literally can make you feel like shit. It is a fact… Read More
So, because I love getting Megan and Heather’s “Our Picks” blog, I thought it would be fun to do my own, fitness edition! Everything here is something that is currently on my “wish list”.   1| Although I don’t run as regularly as I did last summer/fall when I was training for my 3rd half-marathon,… Read More
When you love Halloween, it’s not just a one night experience, it’s an all year experience. When I say “all year,” I mean that its always in the back of your mind. When you are shopping you think to yourself, “this would make an adorable costume,” or “this would make the spookiest decoration.” You are… Read More