I always wait until the last possible minute to write my blog. If you ever feel like it sounds rushed or there is run-on sentences—that is because I am a master of procrastination. Embrace my scatter brain, poorly written paragraphs because this is when I do my funniest work. While putting off my blog, and… Read More
So, the title doesn’t have a ton to do with the topic at hand but it’s a reference to one of my favorite movies EV-ER, “The Sandlot” but more so it’s something that I say to myself and my kids at least once a day (my friends will vouch for that) – and I’m pretty… Read More
Over the summer, the Trend girls and I went to a local event called “Evening Under the Stars.” I had so much fun picking out the perfect outfit and accessories and had even more fun at the event itself. When we first arrived, we all wanted pictures together in our darling black and white outfits… Read More
I adore Christmas. I love the lights, the smells, the rush of Black Friday. I love seeing my family, drinking too much wine and the challenge of finding the perfect gifts. By December 26th I will probably be singing a different tune, like if I see one more piece of red or green glitter I… Read More