First of all—thank you so much for loving Helen. Writing this blog has been a dream come true and I adore the feedback. Also, I am putting all proceeds aside to donate to a great charity. When I say charity, I am really just talking about my student loans. Seriously, you can donate at my… Read More
Dear Erica, It’s me (you…duh). It’s February 2017, what a year you had! Right from the jump, 2016 put you to the test. I know that you were still struggling trying to find your way. It’s no small task to be a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend all while holding down a full-time job,… Read More
Do you want to know what really sucks? Being a fashion girl who appreciates the unique qualities of  high-end garments and home decor who is with out the means to provide for such things. In other words, I’m broke b*&%$#! Well I’m not actually broke but my money needs to be going else where besides in… Read More
Helen is feeling frisky tonight. Its been a long week, filled with exhausting people and too little sleep. Just a few things that are on my mind and seriously annoying. Passwords: Do you know that I literally have to keep a list of all my passwords for the 7 million things I need to do on… Read More
My whole life I have been concerned with how my body looks. I know that I’m not all that different from other girls/women. My earliest memory about weight was a third grade physical that I weighed the same as a boy in my class, a whole whopping 72 pounds (which I believe is probably an… Read More