I wasn’t 100% sure where to take the direction of this month’s blog. So, I reached out to a few of my favorites and asked what would you want to read about? And I got some great responses, but nothing that I could take and run with — if you like to write, you know… Read More
So, I went shopping with my bestie a few weeks ago and found a pair of adorable Dungarees. I immediately thought to myself, “these are cute, but probably not for me.” I tried them on anyway and yes, they were tricky to pull off, but sometimes you just love something so much that you don’t… Read More
I have holiday hangover. If you are a Mom, or an over-achieving Dad, you probably do too. Christmas was a mere 3 months ago almost to the day from Easter this year. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. If you are feeling froggy, you could even count New Year’s Eve and Dyngus Day… Read More
So it’s been a minute. A few things, last month I promised a second blog to announce the winner of my giveaway – unfortunately, there were no entries. So, no giveaway…this time. Secondly, I mentioned celebrating American Heart Month and wanted to share another freebie at home workout, which is coming! I have realized that… Read More
Hello ladies, its February so of course I am planning my entire summer wardrobe daily. I was in Trend the other day buying a darling coffee mug and my favorite candle, and admitted to Heather that I have already been obsessing over my Evening under the Stars outfit. Thankfully Heather being just excited as I am… Read More