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With the colder weather setting in and fall scents being one of our favorites, we thought it might be helpful to share some tips we’ve picked up on how to burn and care for your candles! Whether purchased at Trend or not, these tips are sure to make your favorite scents last so you can enjoy them longer.

ONE | Candles have memory

“Each time you light a candle, it remembers how much wax melted and pooled the very first time it was lit. If a candle isn’t allowed enough time to melt and pool to the edges of its container but, instead, only a small diameter of wax has melted around the wick, the next burn cycle will only mimic the first burn’s diameter and start tunneling/melting downward from that point on. If this happens, only a portion of the wax in your candle will be consumed and its burn time reduced.

TWO | Time it

To give your new candle the “best” memory (so you can get the maximum burn time out of it), make sure you have at least 2-3 hours of time the first time you light it (depending on the size of the candle) to let it burn and allow for the entire top layer of the candle to become liquid. If you notice your candle burning unevenly, rotate it a quarter or half turn.

Once the entire top layer of the candle has melted, you can extinguish it or let it continue to burn if you have the time. Each time you burn your candle, let it melt to the edges.

THREE | Wick it

You should also trim the wick to about 1/4” each time before you light it to prolong its life, and to prevent sooting or ‘blooming’ of the wick.”



// Tips brought to you by Illume! 

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  • Vickie

    Very good tips! I knew about trimming the wick but not the first two. Who knew candles have a “memory”! Thank you Taylor!

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