business profile | jordan lexus photography


business profile | jordan lexus photography

One thing I love to see, is someone driven to do what they love. It’s very warming to see someone to be able to quit their job, to start their own business, or not go back to work when their little one arrives into this world, or even take some time off to travel the country for a couple of months. When I first opened the shop 8 years ago, I took a risk. A huge risk. So, I love to see when that happens for another person.

This happened for Jordan recently. She was able to make her dream, her career. She recently opened up her own studio, above one of the cutest little shops in Wellsville. (Sorry, I had to.) Since opening up, she has booked 12 weddings for this year alone — not to mention all of the other sessions she has booked.

business profile | jordan lexus photography business profile | jordan lexus photography

I was approached by Jordan to work on a blog post for her. Something small, just to show what she does. This little blog post quickly grew into something more. The more we got into it, the better it got. We decided that we would a little harder to get a better result in the end. Jordan was shooting a birth package for someone who was close to her moms heart. Now, I should tell you at this point in time — Jordan’s mom is a midwife. They come as a little duo, you know — her mom delivers and Jordan photographs. After following along with the entire birth package, I realized how much more it is than just a duo. It’s family. You become part of their family. And this family did.

I should also tell you, this is the last baby for this family. So, it made it that much more important to Jordan to display the emotions through her photos. I will tell you one thing for sure, I have a new-found respect for people who do this line of work. The expectations, the waiting, the personal interactions, the stories, the hours, the emotions, the tired feet, the exhaustion. It all comes with the territory. As a photographer, you’re expected to provide all of this, for these moments. Moments and memories that will last forever. If you don’t get it right, that moment is forever missed.

Jordan does all of this with ease. In fact, I was the one freaking out most of the time. I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to display all that goes into this, correctly. I wanted to make sure the joy, the fear, the exhaustion — all of which goes into this, was present in this video. My goal was to make it emotional for those watching it. I wanted you to feel the love that this family has, and the beauty that Jordan can capture. I wanted you to understand the tiredness, and the waiting that goes into these birth sessions. I wanted you to empathize the feelings that this is their last baby. These are all of the moments that photographers are supposed to capture. These are the memories that will forever be on the hallway walls and the baby books. The importance of a photographer is greatly weighed. Choose to capture these memories and freeze these moments in time.

You can take a look at the Harrison family’s birth story over here. You can also view Jordan’s Promotional Video below.

business profile | jordan lexus photography

*This post was brought to you in collaboration with Jordan Lexus Photography. Natural light and organic photographer specializing in pregnancy, birth and newborns. Also focusing on children, families, seniors, weddings and more. Contact information is available on her website.

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