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Warning: This might get a little long.

Back in 2008, I opened the shop. We were a small town, and in need of some ‘refreshing’ — if you will. I had this idea. This idea was HUGE in my head. It poured onto papers on my desk. I was going to open up a store that people could walk into and feel wonderful when they came in. That was my mission.

Trend Addictions was born that day. A couple months after opening, the market crashed. Big-time. It was scary to think that this goal of mine could soon be crushed.

The amazing thing about this little town, is the people. They want to make you grow. It’s so warming. These people have been through thick and thin with me, over the past 6 years. I thank them for that.

If you’ve never been in the shop, let me set the scene for you. When you first walk in, you’ll immediately notice the scent. I’ve actually had people say that they hate to wash their clothes after wearing them for the first time, because they love the ‘trend’ scent. That makes me happy. :) After walking around for a while, you’ll notice the random empty frames on the wall (strategically placed crooked, of course), the ladder hanging from the ceiling with lanterns, the upside down Christmas tree (at Christmas time), etc. This is all part of the shop’s aesthetic, which I take pride in. Our customers love it. I am constantly changing the layout of the store to keep things fresh for everyone. Which brings me back to my original mission. I want people to feel wonderful when they walk in. I want them to feel a sense of creativity they didn’t realize they had, and use it. See an outfit they didn’t think they could wear, and rock it.

Now back on track. This post was titled ‘a new journey’ for a reason. A couple weeks ago, I made a decision that was going to impact the shop. I decided to move the location to a bigger building. When the store first opened, it was one side of a small building. 2 years later, I opened the other side up and expanded. Now, a new building! It’s all very bittersweet. As I walk around the shop, I find myself having the same feelings when I first moved out of the house that my daughter and I lived in. This cozy, little shop has been good to me.

The online shop has taken off, and our inventory is growing. It’s time. Time for changes. We will have a new look, and a new address. It’s exciting to me when people say “I can’t wait to see what you do in the new place!” Neither can I.

I recently read a quote that stuck with me. It stuck big. “If it’s helping you achieve a bigger goal, it’s probably worth it.” Oh, how true that is right now.

I hope this little town will enjoy the new ‘trend’ I am bringing.

Bigger Goal

Love, Megan.

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  • Melissa

    Great read! Great shop! I love coming in when I come up to visit my parents. I love coming home with cute things that no one here has. Can’t wait to see the new place and all the awesome thing that will be in it!

  • Anne

    I’m so excited for you, and happy to come along on this journey.

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