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Helen is feeling frisky tonight. Its been a long week, filled with exhausting people and too little sleep. Just a few things that are on my mind and seriously annoying. Passwords: Do you know that I literally have to keep a list of all my passwords for the 7 million things I need to do on… Read More
Here, at Trend Addictions, we are lucky to have the chance to meet so many wonderful women.  From their fashion, to their funny, to their fitness, these women make us smile and inspire us every day.  We have invited three of these lovely ladies to join us on our blogging adventure, as featured guest bloggers. … Read More
I have holiday hangover. If you are a Mom, or an over-achieving Dad, you probably do too. Christmas was a mere 3 months ago almost to the day from Easter this year. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. If you are feeling froggy, you could even count New Year’s Eve and Dyngus Day… Read More
First of all—thank you so much for loving Helen. Writing this blog has been a dream come true and I adore the feedback. Also, I am putting all proceeds aside to donate to a great charity. When I say charity, I am really just talking about my student loans. Seriously, you can donate at my… Read More
I always wait until the last possible minute to write my blog. If you ever feel like it sounds rushed or there is run-on sentences—that is because I am a master of procrastination. Embrace my scatter brain, poorly written paragraphs because this is when I do my funniest work. While putting off my blog, and… Read More