5 things you might not know


This is a post for you. Our readers. It’s pretty exciting that we can now say, we have quite a lot of you. We get emails from people letting us know how much they love our blogs. We get people coming into the store from 2 hours away because they’re readers and wanted to see the store. We get companies and bloggers contacting us to collaborate. We have collaborated with bloggers like Merrick’s Art & Whippy Cake. It’s exciting!

People actually read this stuff.

Heather even got “are you the Trend Addictions model?” once at the Pharmacy. When we first started writing, we wondered if anyone was even reading — or cared for that matter. All we did was be us, and write. And readers picked up.

Whether you’ve been a customer at the store, or you’re a reader, a friend or all of the above — we sincerely thank you. We have had some readers that write back and tell us they love hearing personal things about us. So, let’s get personal.

5 THINGS YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW — about Heather.

5 things you might not know

(one) I look in mirrors. A lot. Okay, so every chance I get. Sometimes I’ll even catch myself talking to my reflection rather than the person that I am actually having a conversation with. They don’t even have to be mirrors – reflective surfaces of any kind will pretty much suffice. Just ask the boyfriend – his wearing sunglasses for too long tends to end in me being teased. I’m not conceited, just very conscious of my appearance.

(two) Most of you know that I don’t travel very far without my agenda, but what you may not know is that I have a list obsession. I make lists daily. Possibly hourly. They’re everywhere. When I can’t sleep, I make a list. My mother can attest to this, as it has been happening since I was too small to even need lists.

(three) I love cats. Oh wait! Everyone knows that. I bet you all didn’t know that I actually purchased glittered nail caps for my kitties though. To clarify, it was a fashionable attempt at keeping them from destroying things. Side-note: this is where you might also learn for the first time, that I also have a fierce disapproval for de-clawing.

(four) Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, but now you definitely do know that I immediately walk to the clearance rack first. In every single store. Which leads to the strange way almost everything I get ends in .97 and the fact that I can almost always tell you to the penny exactly what I paid for something. Speaking of, I bought I pair of black flats for 97 cents a week or so ago.

(five) I strive to live as much of a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle as I can, compliments of one of my very best friends. I will not lie – I do not stick to this diet one-hundred percent of the time, but as much as I can, I do. My gallbladder prefers plant-based foods, and therefore so do I.


5 things you might not know(one) I rearrange everything. In my life. Twice a month. Every month. It’s sort of like showering (although I despise showering) — I feel fresh and clean. Rooms, closets, my store — you name it. It gets a makeover.

(two) I have a weird obsession with fonts. I can actually look at a website or something in a magazine and know the fonts by name. I’m one of those people that actually pays for fonts too. Yes, I will pay $40 for a font. It’s weird, but some people get it. Heather actually shares this obsession as well :)

(three) I have OCD when it comes to even numbers. If the volume on the TV is on 43, I have a fit. The husband has picked up on this through the years and does it now. My best friend purposely puts it on odd numbers just because she thinks it’s funny. It isn’t funny.

(four) I can write with both hands. I’ve been able to do this since I was in 3rd grade. I have no idea how it started, or why, but I would love to say it has come in handy. It never has.

(five) I am a master at card tricks. It’s pretty crazy what I can do with a deck of cards. People sometimes think I’m a magician, or some sort of Vegas dealer. Not really. But I am pretty good. Stop in sometime, i’ll show you a trick or two.

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